The Importance of Health Screening

Many of us don’t go to hospitals or visit doctors unless we are unwell; but with heart disease as the leading cause of death in adults under 70 years, a proactive approach to heart healthcare is needed. 

“Screening” refers to testing and diagnosing disease before any obvious symptoms or signs of the disease at present. The goal of screening is to detect disease at its earliest and most treatable stage, and address any possible problems early.

Regular heart screening and cardiac tests help greatly in detecting early silent killers like hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes, as well as giving you a clear idea of your future risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and how to manage that risk. 

The following tests may be performed during your heart screening at the Whitehall Clinic: average systolic and diastolic blood pressure, electrocardiogram, lipid profile testing, diabetes screen, high sensitivity C-reactive protein to measure inflammation, blood tests for causes of low energy or lethargy, cardiac ultrasound, advanced glycation end-products scan, cardio-ankle vascular index measurement and advanced body composition analysis.  

The earlier heart diseases or abnormalities are detected, the quicker they can be treated. Therefore, it is advisable to undergo cardiac screening if you are over the age of 40 or have a family history of heart disease, as these groups of people are at a higher risk of developing a heart condition. 

Managing health behaviours and risk factors is an important aspect of lowering risk of cardiovascular disease. Part of the cardiac screening programme is to also help develop personalised strategies for mitigating cardiovascular risk by treating modifiable risk factors, such as smoking, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia and being overweight, and lifestyle interventions to reduce stress, improve sleep and encouraging healthy levels of exercise. 

The Ultimate Cardiac Screen will provide a comprehensive assessment of your heart health, and give you peace of mind.