There are many reasons why you might seek a second opinion on a heart condition.

Perhaps you’re not comfortable with the diagnosis you’ve been given in the past, or you want to explore all of your available treatment options before making a decision. For many patients however, they simply want peace of mind knowing that their initial diagnosis was correct and have explored all possible options and optimal treatments available.

Second opinions from specialist cardiologists who have experience with your specific condition can provide fresh perspectives, whilst also adding insight into your diagnosis and treatment options.

There are many heart conditions that might require you to seek a second opinion, the most common include:

Looking for a cardiology second opinion? Don’t worry, we’re here to help

We can provide you with more information about these and any other heart conditions you may have, allowing you to make an informed and confident decision about your care.

We can also review your treatment plan and arrange appropriate further testing with your prognosis, if you so choose.

Also feel free to bring any previous documentation and results to your appointment to make the most out of your consultation.

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Dr. Jamil, one of the leading cardiologists in West Yorkshire won’t only provide the best private healthcare for your heart, he will also offer invaluable advice on lifestyle changes and preventative care to improve your health as a whole.

So if you have any concerns with the health of your heart, pre-existing cardiac conditions or require a private cardiovascular screening assessment, contact the Whitehall Clinic and get your appointment with Dr. Jamil booked in today to receive the expert private care you need and deserve.

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Dr. Haqeel Jamil, Consultant Cardiologist at Whitehall Clinic

Dr Haqeel Jamil is our Cardiologist and Health Screening lead within our team. He is a well published and recognised Cardiologist with over forty scientific publications in high-impact medical and cardiac journals.

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