Long Covid Services for patients in Leeds and Yorkshire

The Whitehall Clinic is the first private Long Covid clinic in Leeds, providing dedicated medical care and support to patients still struggling with the effects of Covid-19 for weeks or even months beyond the initial illness.

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At The Whitehall Clinic, our Consultant Physician Dr Sam Khan provides dedicated long Covid Help, offering a combination of medical services to ensure that each patient gets the right support for their needs.

We help our patients find the right resources and treatments to manage their long Covid symptoms effectively, so they can recover as quickly as possible.

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How is Long Covid treated?

The best way to treat long Covid is to identify which one of the main symptoms is most impactful on your life.

At The Whitehall Clinic’s Long Covid Clinic in Leeds, the mainstay of management is first to diagnose long Covid and exclude other causes. We then offer a combination of medical support, holistic care, symptom control, and the detection of treatable complications.

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Supporting Recovery for Long Covid in Leeds

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Long Covid management specialist in Leeds

Dr Sam Khan is our lead General Physician, specialising in complex medical problems and long Covid management. His approach is to identify your concerns with a detailed assessment, investigate appropriately and then create a bespoke management plan to facilitate your recovery. To ensure the continuity of your care and management, Dr Sam Khan can also be responsible for your ongoing care as part of our private GP services. He also offers second opinions for patients who have had recent acute medical illnesses to optimize their management and provide second opinions.

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We would recommend booking a 60-minute appointment with Dr. Sam Khan.

Based in central Leeds, our long Covid clinic is open 6 days a week and appointments can be booked online or by calling our concierge team.

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Dr Sam Khan - Consultant Physician

Dr Sam Khan is an experienced Consultant Physician and recognised as an expert in managing patients who present with acute medical problems and multiple vague symptoms and who have difficulty obtaining a diagnosis or effective management. A true General Physician in every sense, with vast patient experience and an evidence-based approach to managing complex medical problems.

One of his areas of focus at The Whitehall Clinic will be leading our Long Covid clinic. Dr Sam Khan has access to Dr Paul Whittaker, a leading Respiratory Consultant, and our cardiologist Dr Jameel, to ensure patients who are struggling with respiratory and cardiac long Covid symptoms receive the best multidisciplinary care. This service is also supported by psychologists, physiotherapists, and dieticians.

Long Covid Treatment FAQs

It is unclear what the underlying causes of long Covid are, but most research points to a combination of factors: an autoimmune response, ongoing inflammation, tiny blood clots, and reactivation of what are known as latent viruses, or those that linger quietly in your body without causing damage.

Covid-19 itself can damage organs, and long Covid might be caused by ongoing damage.

There could be other factors. A study by Harvard researchers found that people who felt stressed, depressed, or lonely before catching Covid-19 were more likely to develop long Covid afterward.

The most common symptoms of long Covid are:

  • Tiredness or fatigue that interferes with daily life
  • Symptoms that get worse after physical or mental effort (“post exertional malaise”)
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Fast-beating or pounding heart (heart palpitations)
  • Difficulty thinking or concentrating (sometimes referred to as "brain fog")
  • Headache
  • Sleep problems
  • Dizziness when standing
  • Pins-and-needles feelings
  • Change in smell or taste
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Diarrhoea
  • Stomach pain
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Rash
  • Changes in menstrual cycles

Specialist long Covid clinics are the best option for patients still struggling with the symptoms of Covid. The Whitehall Clinic offers a holistic assessment and helps clients through their access to the right specialist long Covid recovery service in Leeds.

Our approach involves a number of medical assessments, diagnoses, and treatments to identify all symptoms, with the help of our private GPs and specialists. At the moment, the main focus is on managing symptoms and offering all clients the right support for their needs.

Evidence is building that long Covid closely resembles other post-viral conditions - something that can provide clues for treatment. For example, several studies indicate that exercise doesn't help most patients.

Our specialists’ approaches to long Covid have all shown to work. These treatments include:

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Autonomic conditioning therapy, which includes breathing therapy
  • Cognitive rehabilitation to relieve brain fog.
  • Use of antidepressant amitriptyline to help with sleep disturbances and headaches
  • Antiseizure medication to help pain, numbness, and other neurological symptoms
  • Drugs to relieve low blood pressure in patients experiencing postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). All our heart screenings are offered in conjunction with Dr Jamil, Consultant Cardiologist at The Whitehall Clinic

Yes, we do routine blood tests which depend on your symptoms. For instance, we may do a full blood count, and kidney and liver function but it does depend on the symptoms you have.

The Whitehall Clinic offers private blood tests 7-days a week and often the results are shared the next day. If you have already had recent tests please bring them along to the appointment.

Most patients are seen within a few days of making their enquiry as we are open 6 days a week.

There is currently no test. It is a "diagnosis of exclusion", with doctors first ruling out other possible causes and then treating each symptom individually.

As we are still learning about long Covid, at this stage we don’t know. Some patients benefit from complete recovery and others are still in the recovery phase.

As we are still learning about long Covid, at this stage we don’t know. Some patients benefit from complete recovery and others are still in the recovery phase.

A University of Oxford study in September 2021 found more than a third of patients had symptoms of long Covid between 3 months and 6 months after a Covid-19 diagnosis. There are enough affected individuals for it to be a problem, and it can be completely incapacitating or only slightly unpleasant.

Research confirms that the risk of Long Covid may be reduced in individuals who have received double vaccination.

Vaccination can also help prevent people from contracting the virus and therefore developing Long Covid in the first place.

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