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Our Covid-19 testing packages

The Whitehall Clinic provides a comprehensive Covid-19 travel testing service for both individuals and organisations. Since June 2020, our team and local accredited laboratory have processed over 80,000 tests. We have consistent and rapid turnaround times: Our Covid-19 PCR test results are emailed to patients the same day, usually by 10:00pm

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Why trust us for your Covid-19 Testing?



Although most international travel destinations require a negative PCR test in order to travel abroad, some countries accepting a negative lateral flow Rapid Antigen test (we advise you carefully check the entry requirements for your destination country). The test is carried out in clinic and results are emailed within 30 minutes.

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The Whitehall Clinic Covid-19 testing price list

Covid-19 Fit to Fly RT-PCR Test (+ certificate)£99

Covid-19 Express Fit to Fly RT-PCR Test (+ certificate)£198

Rapid Antigen Fit to Fly Test£39

FAQs on The Whitehall Clinic Covid-19 testing services

Following the recent worrying issue with fraudulent Covid-19 Travel Tests and to ensure the integrity of documents along with the urgent need to control the pandemic, our IT and governance team at The Whitehall Clinic working in partnership with our laboratories, have put the following checks in place. We hope this results in safe travelling for all concerned.

All our patients receive a password protected (their Date of Birth) certificate and lab results from and a text from the following number +44033228798 informing them that their results have been emailed. Please check this as proof in the first instance. If you need further assurance please ring our 24 hour Certificate verification line on 0113 833 4900.

  • All our certificates will have a QR code that is valid for the day of the test.
  • We only do the RT-PCR swab test and use only accredited UKAS laboratories.
  • ID verification is done at the time of the swab test using a valid UK Driving Licence / Passport.
  • All of our swabs are administered by trained professionals, we do not do self swabs.
  • We do not offer a click and collect / postal swab service.

Yes, all of our results have a QR Code on the certification which is valid for the day of the test. The QR code has been on our certificates from 05.03.2021.

Our Covid-19 PCR test results are emailed to patients the same day, usually by 10:00pm

Please check your junk/spam folders before contacting us regarding your results.

All positive swab results will also receive a phone call from a member of our medical team.

As Covid-19 infection is a notifiable illness, the lab will also inform Public Health England if the result of your Covid-19 RT-PCR Swab Test is positive.

There is a small chance your test could BE positive. With SARS-CoV-2 the infectious phase lasts up to 10 days, but as the inactivated viral RNA degrades slowly over time it may still be detected by (swab) testing many weeks after infectiousness has dissipated, as the RT-PCR test is detecting virus RNA not active infection. Please contact the team at the clinic and we will provide further guidance and advise if this is the case.

In the majority of cases you can self-manage your symptoms without complications, self-isolating at home and following the latest guidance.

As Covid-19 is a notifiable disease we are required by law to report all cases of Covid-19 to Public Health England.

We can reschedule appointments only if there is capacity available in our booking system. Please email our bookings team – stating your name, email address and appointment date and time.

At The Whitehall Clinic we have a fair and transparent cancellation/refund policy. Appointments can be cancelled and refunded 24 hours prior to the appointment. Should you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, then you will be entitled to a 50% refund. Please note that there is a £25 administrative fee for all cancellations.

Please note that we do not take cancellations over the phone. Please email our cancellations team – stating your name, email address and appointment date and time.

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