Skin care

We treat a full range of skin problems

Our medical and surgical skin team is headed by Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr. Sharif Al-Ghazal.

We offer a full assessment and management of all skin conditions including acne, psoriasis, moles, alopecia, skin cancers, eczema & steroid injections for keloid scars.

Dermatology Clinic

Our Private Consultant Dermatologist appointments start from £200. Book your new patient consultation through the link below for expert diagnosis, management and treatment of the following skin conditions:

Skin Surgery Clinic

Mr. Sharif Al-Ghazal ensures that every patient is given the highest level of care and professionalism, creating a skin surgery clinic in a safe, effective manner and with the perfect cosmetic results.

We remove moles, skin tags, lipomas, cysts and keratosis and offer steroid injection for hypertrophic scars. If needed, samples are sent for laboratory histological analysis.

At your initial assessment appointment from £200, Mr. Al-Ghazal will carry out a consultation, detailed plan and if needed your skin surgery procedure under local anaesthetic.

You can submit a photograph of your skin lesion in order that we can guide you on the most appropriate treatment and price for your treatment. Please complete the form on this page and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Photo of Sharif Al-ghazal

Sharif Al-Ghazal

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Mr. Sharif Al Ghazal has joined our team of leading consultants at The Whitehall Clinic. Mr. Al Ghazal is a Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon who will be leading our Skin Surgery service. Mr. Al Ghazal is highly regarded and respected within his field and throughout Yorkshire.

Dermatology (launching Jan 2022)

Dermatology New Patient Consultation (20-min) – £200

Dermatology Follow-up Consultation (15-min) – £150

Skin swabs or fungal scrapings – from £150

Roaccutane monitoring tests (incl: full blood count, liver function tests, cholesterol and triglycerides) – £175

Skin Surgery Clinic

All appointments and procedures with our Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr. Al Ghazal

New Patient Consultation – £150

  • (full assessment and management plan for any skin lesions/lumps and full body mole check)

Procedure Prices:

Incision Biopsy* – £175

Shaving Excision of Skin Lesion* – £175

  • (Shaving Excision of Additional Lesion* – £100 each)

Mole removal or excision of skin lesion * – £300

  • (Additional Mole Removal or Excision of Skin Lesion* – £200 each)

Removal of small lump / cyst / lipoma* – £300

Removal of large lump / cyst / lipoma* – £400

  • (Additional removal of lump / cyst / lipoma* – £200)

Skin tag removal (up to 3 removals) – £175

  • (Additional skin tag removal – £50)

Split earlobe repair – £400

Steroid injection for Keloid scar – £150

Cryotherapy – £150 (per session) - £150

*Histopathology – £65

  • A lab fee for histological examination and reporting of samples is taken as an additional charge

Removal of sutures / wound check and dressing – £50

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