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At The Whitehall Clinic, our unwavering dedication revolves around your well-being, making you the focal point of our healthcare mission. Located in the heart of central Leeds, our private outpatient clinic has been designed to harness the latest advancements in medicine and cutting-edge technology. Our commitment is to provide you with not just standard treatments but an extraordinary healthcare experience that resonates with your unique needs.

Our team of accomplished doctors and leaders in their respective fields have set their sights on a single, profound purpose: your health, comfort, and peace of mind. We understand that every individual is unique in their own way, and so we approach each patient with a deep appreciation for their distinctive circumstances, needs, and goals.

We've drawn inspiration from esteemed organisations known for their exemplary patient-centric approach. Just like our counterparts, we aspire to create a connection with our patients that goes beyond the clinical realm. We aim to cultivate a partnership based on trust, mutual respect, and open communication.

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In addition to our commitment to personalised care, our clinic is proud to offer a comprehensive range of services that span the entire spectrum of healthcare. Whether you require diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, or ongoing wellness support, our facilities and experts are poised to serve you comprehensively.

In a world of ever-evolving medical advancements, our clinic is dedicated to staying up-to-date so you can trust that you're receiving the best care possible. We continuously invest in the latest technologies and training for our staff to ensure that you receive the highest quality care.

Your health is our top priority. At the Whitehall Clinic, we've created a haven where your unique healthcare needs are met with empathy, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. We aspire to elevate your healthcare experience to the extraordinary, forging a partnership that values your health and well-being above all else.

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Access to Doctors and Consultants in the following:

Private & Corporate GP service

7-day access for individuals and organisations to our trusted GP team who offer private GP appointments...

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Private blood tests

Quick and easy extensive laboratory private blood tests in Leeds available.

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Health screening & cardiology clinic

Private Cardiac Screening offering preventative health screening assisted with the latest technology, to help you understand your current health and make change.

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The complete personalised medical weight management programme available at our weight management clinic in Leeds.

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Dermatology & minor skin surgery

For skin treatments in Leeds led by our expert Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

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Musculoskeletal Injection Clinic

We offer Musculoskeletal Services in Leeds led by our Consultant Radiologist providing ultrasound guided injections.

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Women's health

Our comprehensive approach to women's Health is led by our Gynaecology Specialist team.

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Urology & men's health

Consultant Urologist led Andropause, erectile dysfunction and prostate health management offering Men’s Health Clinic Services.

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Long Covid clinic

Providing dedicated medical care and support to patients still struggling with the effects of Covid-19.

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Specialist Medicine

Access to leading Doctors for patients with complex medical problems.

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WeightWise™ at The Whitehall Clinic

Helping with weight loss treatments in Leeds. Our personalised weight management programme uses the latest science, medication and support to help you maintain a healthy weight forever.

The majority of our clients achieve and maintain clinically meaningful weight loss of 9.5 kilos.

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WeightWise Why choose The Whitehall Clinic?

Why choose The Whitehall Clinic?

Focused on you

Personalised care, delivered by a team dedicated to improving your health and wellbeing.
Regulated by the CQC and recognized by major/private medical insurers and transparent pricing.
Access to an extensive network of medical specialists in Leeds, supported by a healthcare concierge team to coordinate your care.
Online booking, GP virtual consultations and membership plans for individuals and organisations for your convenience.

Regulated and recognised

Regulated by the CQC and registered with major private medical Insurers

Built around you

Online booking and virtual GP consultations available, transparent pricing and membership plans for individuals and organisations. Open 6 days a week, 8am-6pm. Contact us for an appointment today.

Central Leeds location

Located in the heart of Leeds and based in modern state of the art premises.
Whitehall Clinic is a 5-minute walk from Leeds train station with nearby car parking.


The Whitehall Clinic is a registered Private Clinic for patients who wish to access private healthcare through a convenient, accessible and accredited provider. This can be done through a pay-as-you-go or subscription..

As a Private Clinic, we comply with the highest standards and delivery of exceptional quality service. We operate under strict regulation by the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Follow this link to see us registered on the CQC site.

We are regulated for the following activities:

  • Diagnostic and screening procedures
  • Surgical procedures
  • Treatment of disease, disorder or injury
  • Services in slimming clinics

Private GP
Private blood tests
Corporate GP
Weight Management

All of our specialist clinicians hold a current license to practice with the General Medical Council (GMC). Our specially selected, fully vetted clinical team have annual appraisals, performance reviews and partake in regular training programmes. The experience of our practitioners is up to and includes hospital consultant level.

Our consultants are widely recognized in their specialist field, most of which actively contribute to research and literature within their chosen field.

You don't have to register with us before booking an appointment. An appointment with a member of specialist medical team can be booked online within a couple of minutes, follow the link here.

Yes, we do see international patients.

A dedicated team to manage your healthcare needs

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Ben Clarke

Practice Nurse

Bsc (Hons)

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Leah Jones

Healthcare Concierge

BA (Hons)