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Private blood tests in Leeds

The Whitehall Clinic provides the best value and most extensive collection of private blood tests and urine tests. Our clinic in Leeds is open for testing 7 days a week where our trained nurses will take your test.

Many of our results are available the same day or with 48 hours however, some specialised tests can take a few weeks to be analysed. We use a certified accredited laboratory for analysis. All tests are checked by our medical team prior to sharing the results with you by secure email.

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We do offer packages for our common blood panels which offer a significant saving to individual tests. The appointment to take your blood test will take less than 10 minutes and all samples are same day couriered to our lab.

You can either select the test or panel of tests from our product list or book them online here. If there is a blood test you require that is not listed, please contact our team to arrange.

If you cannot decide what test you require in advance, simply make an appointment with one of our doctors and they can discuss your options with you before advising you on the suitable test/s. The Private GP consultation fee is payable when you book the appointment online. Any tests that you require will be additionally charged at your consultation. Some of our blood tests are only available through our health screening packages. All our tests are only available to adults 18+.

Our popular blood tests and panels offered in our Leeds clinic

  • Full Blood Count – requested as part of a general screen for a variety of disorders, such as; anaemia, infection, inflammation, nutritional status & bleeding.
  • Kidney function – help & manage conditions affecting renal function.
  • Liver function – screen & monitor liver disease.

  • B12 & Folic Acid – helps to diagnose the anaemia or neuropathy (nerve damage), to evaluate nutritional status in some patients.
  • Ferritin – helps to assess the levels of iron stored in your body.
  • Vitamin D – helps to investigate bone metabolism problems & possible Vitamin D deficiency.

To assess your risk of developing cardiovascular disease (heart disease, stoke and related conditions) and to monitor treatment.

To monitor average blood glucose levels to identify pre-diabetes, diagnose type 2 diabetes & monitor someone with diabetes.

To check how the thyroid gland is working, diagnose thyroid disorders & monitor treatment response.

To detect and monitor pregnancy.

To determine the presence of ovulation, investigate infertility & diagnose related issues.

Diagnose Coeliac Disease, an autoimmune disease. Gluten, a protein found in products made from wheat, barley, rye & oats reacts with the lining of the gut, causing damage & preventing normal food absorption.

To diagnose Prostate Cancer in men.

To diagnose Ovarian Cancer in women.

To diagnose; Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes Simplex I/II, HIV, Syphilis.

To check your HIV status.

To detect, diagnose and follow the course of an infection with Hepatitis B.

  • Includes: LH, FSH, Oestradiol
  • To determine whether a woman has reached the menopause.

Includes: SHBG, Testosterone, Oestradiol, Thyroid function.

  • Includes PSA, total testosterone, SHBG, prolactin, FSH, LH & Diabetes Screen (needs to be done before 11am)
  • Prolactin – to determine whether or not your prolactin concentrations are normal.
  • FSH & LH – to evaluate the function of your pituitary gland & regulatory hormones controlling your reproductive system.

Allergy blood testing

We have a huge number of allergy blood tests available to detect whether you have an intolerance.

Allergy Profiling Panels – from £200

IgE antibodies to over 1000 different allergens can be measured.The presence of significant levels of specific IgE antibodies to defined allergens in conjunction with a relevant clinical history is suggestive of IgE mediated allergy. Results are expressed in terms of a grade or as a serum concentration of specific IgE.

  • Grade 0 = < 0.35KUA/L (negative)
  • Grade 1 = 0.35-0.7KUA/L (weak positive)
  • Grade 2 = 0.7-3.5KUA/L (positive)
  • Grade 3 = 3.5-17.5KUA/L (positive)
  • Grade 4 = 17.5-52.5KUA/L (strong positive)
  • Grade 5 = 52.5-100KUA/L (strong positive)
  • Grade 6 = > 100KUA/L (strong positive)

Please request our complete list of allergen blood tests and panels, then choose your test/s.

We will then confirm booking and payment for your blood test/s and will email the results to you in 7 days.

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