Doctor conducting ultrasound exam of patient's shoulder

We use our innovative ultrasound guided injections to treat Musculoskeletal conditions

Photo of Dr. Andrew Koo

Dr. Andrew Koo

MSK & radiology specialist


Dr. Andrew Koo is a Consultant Radiologist with a uniquely combined specialist interest in both musculoskeletal and prostate imaging. He furthers his skill set by completing additional dedicated training in advanced image-guided diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

Initial consultation, examination and treatment plan £50

Shoulder injection

  • Acromioclavicular (AC) joint injection
  • Glenohumeral (GH) joint injection
  • Subacromial/subdeltoid (SASD) bursa injection for impingement

Hip injection

  • Hip joint injection for degeneration
  • Greater Trochanteric bursa injection for bursitis/Greater trochanteric pain syndrome

Foot injection

  • Plantar Fascia injection for plantar fasciitis
  • Hallux/Great toe MTPJ injection for degeneration or gout
  • Elbow injection
  • Dry-needling for tennis elbow/lateral epicondylitis

  • Shoulder Hydrodistension for frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis
  • Barbotage for calcific tendonitis/HADD
  • Hand injection