The Whitehall Clinic in Leeds offers the best private testosterone replacement therapy for those suffering with testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS).

What is testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS)?

As men age their testosterone levels decrease, it’s just the way things are, but TDS is diagnosed when blood testosterone levels drop below the young healthy adult male reference range.

This condition reduces quality of life and can have a significant impact on your health. TDS is also referred to as andropause and late onset hypogonadism (LOH).

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

Symptoms of low testosterone can include:

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Why choose The Whitehall Clinic in Leeds for managing your testosterone deficiency syndrome and testosterone replacement therapy?

How does The Whitehall Clinic manage low testosterone?

Some clinics operate remotely, asking you to complete questionnaires, send your blood tests through the post and then issue supplements. But we’re different, we believe in patient-centred care which is safe, evidence based and conveniently delivered by our consultant endocrinologist Dr. Shafiq Khan.

Many patients opt for our andropause screening panel before their appointment with our specialist in testosterone deficiency. This allows for a more accurate diagnosis by excluding other potential causes of your symptoms.

The test panel consist of:

At your appointment, our consultant will carry out a deep-dive of your symptoms alongside a physical examination, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis and more appropriate management.

If you choose to have the tests following your assessment appointment, your consultant will arrange a review to discuss your results and management options.

If testosterone replacement treatment has been advised, we will arrange prescriptions of testosterone replacement therapy to be issued by your NHS GP or we ourselves will issue you with a private prescription.

Where a testosterone injection has been prescribed, our team at The Whitehall Clinic can administer this to avoid delays - this normally happens within 3 days of your appointment.

Please note, some NHS GP surgeries will not administer or prescribe testosterone, with current NHS waiting times extending into the months, further delays with your treatment and review appointments may be expected.

Once you have commenced testosterone replacement therapy, you will have a structured plan including lab monitoring alongside an annual review with your specialist and a personal treatment coordinator.

The aim of your treatment plan should be to safely achieve a total testosterone of at least 15 nmol/l and to ensure symptomatic improvement.

All of this is delivered seamlessly at times convenient to you.

How much does Testosterone replacement therapy cost at The Whitehall Clinic?

Andropause Assessment & Diagnosis  
Andropause Diagnostic Screen:
HbAIc (Diabetes Screen), Lipid Profile, TSH and T4 (Thyroid Function)
Testosterone, SHBG, LH, FSH, Prolactin, PSA (Prostate Cancer Screen)
Liver function (basic), Full blood count
10 minutes£200
New Andropause Assessment with Consultant Endocrinologist60 minutes£250
Blood tests result review appointment20 minutes (can be virtual)£60
Testosterone Injection Treatment & Monitoring  
Nebido Injection 1gm and administration*20 minutes£170
Monitoring tests after 4 doses:
Full blood count, Testosterone, SHBG
10 minutes£95
Annual monitoring bloods incl. blood pressure:
Testosterone. SHBG, PSA
Full Blood count, liver, and kidney function
Lipid profile
15 minutes£150
Annual follow up appointment with Consultant Endocrinologist30 minutes£150
MRI scan prostate (optional)1 hour£800

*Our most common replacement regime is 1gm dose at start of replacement plan repeated after 6 weeks then administered every 12 weeks

Laboratory testing panel pricing only apply to patients under care of The Whitehall Clinic receiving testosterone replacement therapy.

If The Whitehall Clinic manages my testosterone therapy what will the costs be on an annual basis?

Our new patient annual treatment cost for the complete in-clinic diagnosis and management including injections cost is £1,665 (screening bloods before your initial specialist appointment)

Ongoing annual testosterone injections and review (incl. blood monitoring) costs £1,120.

We also can take over your management from other clinics, including the NHS.

A message from Dr Shafiq Khan our Consultant Specialist in testosterone deficiency syndrome -

“Many men shrug off and put up with the symptoms associated with low testosterone as an unpleasant part of getting older. But you should address symptoms that interfere with your quality of life. If you’re noticing bothersome signs of low testosterone, book your screen detailed assessment and a discuss of treatment options”.

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