What do you mean by diabetes reversal?

Diabetes reversal occurs when a patients average blood glucose levels (HbA1c) are less than 48 mmmol/mol (6.5%) and sustained for more than 3 months in the absence of diabetes medication.

How can you reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

The idea of drug-free diabetes reversal (T2D) gives hope to many and can only be achieved with a patient centred individualised approach to their management. My approach at The Whitehall Clinic involves a combination of medication and supported lifestyle interventions of which dietary manipulation plays a large role. With sugary and starchy substances worsening blood glucose control, a low-carbohydrate diet is the logical first step. Then, once control is achieved, the medication I prescribe throughout the course of your treatment can be stopped or reduced.

What are your results for Type 2 Diabetes reversal?

Over 95% of my patients have achieved improved diabetic control, sustaining it for an average of 3 years. Of those, the patients who started with ‘younger’ diabetes and lower blood glucose levels were far more likely to beat their diabetes (T2D) into remission. Additionally, 75% of those who adopted our structured low carbohydrate approach in the first year of their treatment showed increased levels of diabetes reversal. Even those that are in non-remission do still achieve important advancements in their diabetic control, whilst also improving their lipid profile, blood pressure and both renal and liver functions, benefiting their quality of life significantly.

What happens at my diabetes appointment?

I spend the time learning about your diabetes, as well as your current lifestyle and risk factors. I also want to know about your current or past treatments, so if you have any blood results or have been on any medication, please feel free to bring them to the appointment to avoid duplication.

Do you offer remote diabetes appointments?

Your first appointment is face to face at our private diabetes clinic in Leeds. However your following diabetes consultations can be virtual, if you so choose.

If you need Dr. Khan at any time during the treatment I can be contacted online or by phone.

If I need medication can you provide a prescription?

As a registered clinic we can and do issue prescriptions, we can also communicate with your NHS GP and ask them to prescribe if that makes things easier for you.

So whether its diabetes or something else entirely, the Whitehall Clinic will give you the best Private GP Services in Leeds, making sure you are given the best possible treatment for your unique condition.

Can you take over the care of my Type 2 Diabetes?

As one of the leading consultant endocrinologists in Leeds, managing diabetes is my specialty.

The Whitehall Clinic has full access to blood tests and we commonly take over the management of patients diabetes and other endocrine disorders.

Why choose the Whitehall Clinic?

The Whitehall Clinic prides itself on providing some of the best diabetes specialists in Yorkshire, ensuring the highest levels of patient safety and care.

How can I contact the Whitehall Clinic?

If you have any queries, you can get in touch by calling us on 0113 833 4900 or dropping us an email at hello@whitehallclinic.com

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Dr. Shafiq Khan

Dr. Shafiq Khan is a Consultant Endocrinologist and specialises in managing patients with any hormone disorders. These include Osteoporosis, and Diabetes Management including Diabetes reversal, Thyroid disorders, Testosterone Replacement Therapy and advanced lipid disorder management.

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