What is the menopause?

The menopause or ‘post reproductive phase’ of a women’s life refers to that time when a women’s periods stop and her ovaries lose their reproductive function. The average age for this is 51 in the U.K, but rarely it can happen before the age of 40.

The menopause is caused by a change in hormone levels and it is these hormonal fluctuations that cause the flushing most people associate with the menopause. 

The menopause is however, so much more than ‘flushes’. It can affect memory, sleep patterns, concentration and cause anxiety, low libido and relationship problems. It also has long term effects on bone health, cardiovascular disease and has been linked to dementia.

Are you or your loved one someone who is struggling and would like the time and space to discuss these problems with a doctor who understands and specialises in the management of the menopause?

If so, book an appointment today with Dr Ella Russell, a GP with over 20 years of experience in Women’s Health and wellbeing. 

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