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Covid-19 Antigen Test (Lateral Flow Test) incl travel certificate

The Whitehall Clinic offers an approved COVID-19 rapid antigen test. While most international travel destinations require a negative PCR test in order to travel abroad, some countries are accepting a negative lateral flow Rapid Antigen test ( we advise you check your destination country accepts an antigen test and you meet the criteria ). The test is an antigen test carried out in the clinic by our Covid-19 testing team using a quick nasal swab. Results are then ready within 30 minutes and are emailed to you with the necessary documentation.

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Rapid Antigen fit to travel test


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Rapid Antigen fit to travel & day 2 tests


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Rapid Antigen fit to travel, day 2 & day 8 tests


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For multiple bookings, please ensure that you make a separate booking for each individual/traveller and always take care when entering your details.

If you're travelling back to the UK after your trip, The Whitehall Clinic are a Government approved provider of the Day 2, Day 8 & Test to Release Tests. Book online or call us on 0113 833 4900.


The Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test that we provide takes the form of a simple nose swab test that detects specific proteins (antigens) on the surface of the COVID-19 virus.

The test takes as little as 15 minutes to complete, and once your result has been verified by our Covid -19 medical testing team, we will notify you of your results and confirm them with an email.

Should you receive a 'detected' result, then you should immediately take steps outlined by the NHS to isolate, as you will be infectious to others.

Yes you will receive a QR coded certificate verifying the date of your test.

We can reschedule appointments only if there is capacity available in our booking system. Please email our bookings team – stating your name, email address and appointment date and time.

At The Whitehall Clinic we have a fair and transparent cancellation/refund policy. Appointments can be cancelled and refunded 24 hours prior to the appointment. Should you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, then you will be entitled to a 50% refund. Please note that there is a £25 administrative fee for all cancellations. Please note, all Day 2 and Day 8 tests are non-refundable.

Please note that we do not take cancellations over the phone, cancellations must be made in writing. Please email our cancellations team – stating your name, email address and appointment date and time.

Our testing is not taking vital resources away from the NHS and is fully in line with Public Health England's (PHE) approach. The best way to overcome the coronavirus is to continue testing and surveillance hence our private programme.

The tests are approved by PHE & MHRA and are fully compliant with government guidelines. Swabs are analysed by our accredited laboratory partner. To contribute with PHE and national testing statistics, our diagnostic partner shares all Covid-19 test positive results.

We privately courier all swabs to the laboratory in a timely manner 7 days a week. We always share results as soon as possible when they have been returned from the laboratory.

There may be delays in the stated turnaround time due to laboratory issues. The Whitehall Clinic is not legally liable for any delay as a result. We do work closely with our laboratory partner to minimise delays, and always liaise with our patients on these occasions.

The Whitehall Clinic can not be held responsible for any errors when booking your appointment that lead to a delay in processing your results and documentation. We ask when booking online to please take care to ensure your correct bio-data, contact details and appointment time/date are entered.

Please note that your swab can be taken by any member of our team, all of whom are fully trained and experienced in nasopharyngeal swab testing. This ensures that there are minimal delays in appointment times and to ensure that our patients are not kept waiting.

By completing a booking you accept all the above and our refund and cancellation policy.

As a clinic we always take our staff and clients safety seriously. All our sample takers are fully trained and adhere to strict Personal Protective Equipment and Infection Control Guidance. We strive that your clinic appointment will be on time in order to minimize your time in the clinic.