Private clinic in central leeds for all your healthcare needs.

We believe everyone deserves access to exceptional and personalised healthcare. Our mission is to help our clients live happier and healthier lives.

Our team of leading Private Doctors and GPs are all specialists in their respective areas. They use the latest state-of-the-art technology and the latest evidence based treatments to deliver the best patient-centred care and outcomes, empowering you to take control of your future health.

From our Private Clinic in central Leeds we offer access to Doctors and Consultants in the following:

Private Corporate & Individual Covid-19 Testing available 7 days a week from our Leeds City Centre Clinic. Tests carried out by trained healthcare professionals, rapid turnaround times and Government listed for all Covid-19 travel tests. We offer the following approved tests:

PCR Swab Testing

  • Covid-19 Fit to Travel RT-PCR Test (+ certificate) – £120
  • Covid-19 Day 2 and/or 8 UK Arrival PCR Test – £100 each 
  • Covid-19 Test to Release PCR Test (Day 5) – £100


  • Covid-19 Fit to Travel & Day 2 Arrival Test Package – £200
  • Covid-19 Day 2 & Day 8 PCR Test Package – £200
  • Covid-19 Fit to Travel, Day 2, Day 5 & Day 8 Test Package – £400

Travel Testing to China 

  • China 中国 – Fit to Travel Unvaccinated (PCR Swab & IgM Antibody) + certificate – £219
  • China 中国 – Fit to Travel Vaccinated (PCR Swab & Serum total antibody N-Protein) + certificate – £318

Antigen Testing 

  • Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Fit to Travel Test – £50
  • Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Fit to Travel & Day 2 Arrival PCR Swab Test £140
  • Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Fit to Travel, Day 2 PCR Test & Day 8 PCR Test Package – £240

Antibody Testing 

  • *NEW – Covid-19 Quantitative Antibody Test – £99
  • Covid-19 Rapid Antibody Test – £99

Private GP: with longer appointments (virtual / face to face) at a time to suit you with a focus on building long-term relationships between you and your Private Doctor. Our Private GP offers expert advice and treatment for all health matters and can arrange referrals to one of our network of leading consultants in Leeds. Our Private GP service also includes full practice nurse services e.g. Immunisations, smears, ear syringing, private blood tests and wound care. The Whitehall Clinic is happy to be your regular Private GP and provide you with personal and on-going health care for chronic health problems or we can see you for a one-off problem.

Corporate Membership GP Service: We aim to make healthcare simple for businesses. With our flexible Private GP membership benefit plans from as little as £62.50 per month, we help your workforce get quick access to the best healthcare possible.This package includes an annual medical and flu vaccination.

As of June 2020 we offer a Corporate Covid-19 Testing package to help businesses re-open safely and protect their workforce families and customers.

Individual & Corporate Health Screening: The Whitehall Clinic is the UK’s most comprehensive non-invasive cardiovascular screening clinic using the latest diagnostic equipment and blood tests to accurately assess your risk of heart disease. Our private Cardiologist, along with preventing heart disease will also manage patients with pre-existing heart disease. For your added peace of mind we also offer cancer screening tests and imaging not routinely available on the NHS.

Cardiology: Our Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Jamil provides expert assessment, diagnosis and management for a wide range of cardiac conditions including arrhythmias, heart failure, hypertension and valve problems. He is also our Lead Cardiologist for our Screening Programmes.

Medical Weight Management: Ground-breaking new treatments for weight-loss, including medications such as Saxenda®, to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, for ever. Our Weight Loss Clinic in Leeds is delivered by our experienced multidisciplinary team, including Doctors, Dieticians, and Psychologists.

Dermatology & Minor Skin Surgery: Our Leeds based Consultant Dermatologist & Consultant Plastic Surgeon treat all things skin, ranging from acute/chronic diseases, mole checks, acne treatment, along with carrying out minor skin surgery procedures (including mole, cyst, lipomas and skin tag removal). 

Women’s Health: Our Consultant Gynaecologist manages our Well Woman Service including general gynaecological conditions, fertility and specialises in the management of the menopause.

Men’s Health: Our Urologist, Mr. Omer Baldo takes a proactive approach to the common problems affecting men as they age specializing in andropause management (including Testosterone Replacement therapy), erectile dysfunction and prostate health.

Psychology and Mental Wellbeing: We believe that psychological well-being is just as important as physical wellness. Our Psychologist works closely with our other specialists to manage our patients in a coordinated manner. We now offer virtual as well as face to face appointments and a corporate mental health package.

Through this portfolio of medical services, our Private Doctors and Consultants in our Leeds Clinic, aim to meet the healthcare needs of our patients. If necessary, we have a network of leading Consultant specialists locally and nationally to get you the specialist care you deserve. Book your appointment today and experience private healthcare, the way it should be.

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WeightWise at The Whitehall Clinic

Our personalised weight management programme uses the latest science, medication and support to help you maintain a healthy weight forever. 

The majority of our clients achieve and maintain clinically meaningful weight loss of 9.5 kilos.



How long is a Private GP consultation?

Our Private GP consultations are either 20 minutes or 40 minutes long, both are available to book on our online booking page.

Who would my Private GP consultation be with?

Our Private Doctors are based out of our GP Clinic in Central Leeds. Our GP’s are registered with the GMC and have over 20 years’ experience in treating patients across Leeds and Yorkshire.

How can I book to see a Private Doctor?

You can book an appointment with one of our Private GP’s who work out of our Leeds Clinic through our online booking page or by calling our healthcare concierge team on 0113 833 4900. We also offer video consultations for added convenience.

How soon after booking my appointment can I see a GP?

Depending on the schedule at our Private GP Clinic in Leeds, we aim to offer same-day and next day appointments where possible. We can also arrange for prescription delivery and fast referrals to our network of specialists and hospitals.

Do you provide counselling services in Leeds?

Our Consultant Psychologist, Dr. Linda Baker is trained in CBT and EMDR therapies. She provides a full range of Psychological help for patients who are struggling with their mental health or even those that want to maintain positive mental wellbeing. Dr. Barker is experienced in offering counselling services throughout Leeds and supporting all mental health concerns. For added convenience we also offer video appointments with Dr. Barker.

How long is a mental health consultation?

From our Mental Health Clinic in Leeds, we provide an initial consultation of 90 minutes which gives our Consultant Psychologist to take their time in getting to know you, understand your needs and provide bespoke treatment solutions that are right for you. After this, our mental health follow-up consultations are 60 minutes in length.

How soon can I get a mental health appointment in Leeds?

Depending on our schedule, we do our best to offer same day and next day consultations for our mental health services at our Leeds Clinic. We understand the importance of mental health support near you, so book through our online booking page or speak to our health concierge team on 0113 833 4900 to book an appointment at the Clinic. 

Do you offer over the phone support for mental health in the Leeds Clinic?

Should you require support out of hours or in some circumstances where you are unable to visit the Mental Health Clinic, we can arrange for over the phone support. Get in touch with our healthcare concierge team on 0113 833 4900 to discuss over the phone support that we can offer to correspond with your Mental Health therapy or for Counselling in Leeds.

Do you provide mental wellbeing for corporate businesses?

Our Consultant Psychologist believes that mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellness, understanding that mental wellness has such an impact on businesses throughout Leeds. Within our corporate packages, your teams can access appointments with our Consultant Psychologist. Alongside this, as part of our corporate packages, we offer a corporate wellbeing workshop with Dir. Barker discussing mental wellbeing in the workplace.