What does the Green List mean for travelling abroad this summer?

Countries on the Green List have recently been announced and we can imagine you’re already planning your summer vacation! What does the Green List mean for those wanting to travel?

The majority of travellers need a test before they depart the UK and then will legally be required to have at least one test on their return to the UK!

What does the Green List mean?

International travel could be back on the cards from May 17th! If you’re fancying a getaway to a Green List country, you will be able to travel once having a PCR Swab Test and you won’t have to quaratine on your return unless the test result is positive! Better get backing!

Pre-flight – what to do?

The majority of travellers leaving the UK will be required to have an RT-PCR Swab Test to confirm that they do not have Covid-19. This will need to come with a signed and stamped “fit to travel” certificate, provided by a Private Healthcare provider (like us!). 

Returning to the UK 

After your holiday, when you get back to the UK, you will be legally obligated to have a test on Day 2 of your arrival to the UK. 

In case you didn’t know, The Whitehall Clinic are an approved Clinic for Day 2 tests, all tests are carried out in-clinic, 7 days a week, so you don’t need to worry about testing yourself or your postal kit not arriving! You’ll need to book these online before you leave your destination and we’ll send your reference number to you!

What happens if you’re travelling to a country on the Amber List?

If you’re travelling to a country on the Amber list, you’ll be required to have a PCR test before you leave the UK as normal. Alongside this, you’ll have to quarantine for 10 days on your return to the UK. Within the 10 days, you’ll legally have to have a test on Day 2 & Day 8 (by an approved Government provider). 

Reducing your quarantine period?

If you can’t think of anything worse than 10 days in quarantine, you can opt-in to have a Test and Release Test on Day 5 of your arrival. Once you recieve your results from this test (on Day 6 if you book with us!), you will be able to finish your quarantine. You will still need a test on Day 8. 

We hope that this provides some clarity on what to do when travelling internationally. All testing at The Whitehall Clinic is carried out by trained healthcare professionals, samples are sent to our accredited laboratory and results are emailed the next-day. All test results are signed by the GMC-registered Doctor and stamped by the Clinic. We test 7 days a week.