The Coronavirus Pandemic has encouraged organisations to take employee health seriously

The Covid-19 crisis has caused organisations to take both the mental and physical health of their teams more seriously – both in and out of the workplace.

Research has shown that 63% of UK business leaders have expressed that the pandemic has made them feel more responsible for their employee’s health and wellbeing. There’s been a level of expectation that’s come alongside the pandemic suggesting that individuals are requiring their employer to provide more support than usual, especially when it comes to mental health. More than half of UK workers believe that their employer should be spending more on health benefits and resources to encourage them to stay healthy, concerningly, only a third of businesses agreed.

Studies have shown that 63% of non-self-employed individuals globally have acknowledged that the focus on providing mental health support within organisations is now far more important than it was just one a year ago. Positively, it’s been noted that 54% of businesses have implemented new protocols. Health benefits are more important to employees now more than ever. Employers without future-ready digital healthcare solutions in place for their staff will find it difficult to cope with the demands of a modern workforce.

For many organisations, the pandemic has reinforced for many companies just how much they rely upon employees for their commitment to the company and ultimately labour productivity. This in turn points to the importance of the Human Resource (HR) and compensation & benefits functions. The role of the HR function is a key driver in defining how work is experienced, how it is done and how the workforce evolves. Some corporate HR programs, as part of companies’ compliance and standards operations, have historically been focused on benefits and wages. As businesses seek more holistic strategies to prepare for the future of work, CEOs are turning increasingly to the human resources function. HR professionals are finding themselves at the front line of helping their organizations and leaders to drive technology absorption, foster innovation, enable new work models and, ultimately, attract, retain and develop the workforce of the future.

Covid-19 has brought forward the future such that HR can have a greater influence in the shaping and implementation of corporate strategy, and in coping with and adapting to the post COVID-19 world. It’s been noted that there is a growing consensus that companies with the ambition to be employers of choice must take on greater responsibility for adapting their healthcare benefits offering for their employees’ evolving needs.

As a business ourselves, we have found the strong desire to provide our staff with a stronger support system which has influenced our holistic approach to management. We have seen a huge increase in our current and new clients who have desired to provide their teams with a more comprehensive physical and mental healthcare programme to positively impact their workforce.

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