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Healthier & Happier Teams – Part Two

Focussing on from my most recent article on developing happier and healthier teams throughout the pandemic. As organisations continue to progress throughout the pandemic, it’s a good opportunity to review your company benefits to ensure they’re fit for purpose, resilient to societal changes, support your staff where they need it and help maintain engagement levels […]

The Coronavirus Pandemic has encouraged organisations to take employee health seriously

The Covid-19 crisis has caused organisations to take both the mental and physical health of their teams more seriously – both in and out of the workplace. Research has shown that 63% of UK business leaders have expressed that the pandemic has made them feel more responsible for their employee’s health and wellbeing. There’s been […]

Should businesses offer regular Covid-19 swab testing to their employees?

In the recent weeks as the lockdown has eased, we should not forget that we are still in the midst of a pandemic that has changed the way we live, work and interact forever. Above all Covid-19 has no cure (yet) and there is no vaccine. In the absence of population-wide restrictions, isolation of infected […]

Has your organisation considered proactive swab testing for your team?

Nearly half of coronavirus spread may be traced to people without any symptoms Increasing evidence has shown that asymptomatic individuals can spread the virus efficiently and the emergence of these “silent spreaders” of SARS-CoV-2 has caused difficulties in the control of the pandemic. This evidence has shown that nearly 50% of people are asymptomatic and […]

The Top 5 Questions Employers Ask Our Corporate Health Team About Returning to Work

Supporting organisations thinking about re-opening Since we have re-opened the Clinic, our Corporate Health Team have received a number of queries from our clients who are thinking about re-opening. Our clients have been thinking about re-opening safely as restrictions ease in the Covid-19 pandemic. We understand that we’re still amid uncertain times and we encourage […]

Are we “Back to Normal” With the Coronavirus Pandemic?

We are a long way from being back to normal amid the coronavirus pandemic Since businesses are beginning to discuss re-opening, we want to support your safe return to work. The lockdown, closed workplaces and schools have also had huge societal and psychological implications on everyone. We understand that your business, employees and clients will […]

Here’s How We’re Testing for Covid-19 at The Whitehall Clinic

Covid-19 Testing at The Whitehall Clinic There’s no doubt that the recent media coverage on Covid-19 testing has been confusing, a huge number of conflicting stories, from medical professionals to “social media testing experts”. Very few people have had access to testing of any kind, even those with access have questioned the validity. We don’t […]