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Healthier & Happier Teams – Part Two

Focussing on from my most recent article on developing happier and healthier teams throughout the pandemic. As organisations continue to progress throughout the pandemic, it’s a good opportunity to review your company benefits to ensure they’re fit for purpose, resilient to societal changes, support your staff where they need it and help maintain engagement levels […]

Why WeightWise at The Whitehall Clinic?

The Whitehall Clinic are excited to introduce our WeightWise programme. our WeightWise programme is founded on patient-focussed care. Our dedicated WeightWise team have unmatched experience in managing weight management for our patients, and unlike online Clinic’s or pharmacies, we do not disappear once your appointment ends.  Dr. Ash Khan is a GP with a speciality […]

Healthier & Happier Teams – Part One

Supporting organisations and their staff through burnout as a result of Covid-19. As an individual in the working world of the previous year, you’re bound to have felt the stresses and strains that Covid-19 has brought. As a medical practice serving both individuals and organisations, we’re at the forefront of the struggles people are going […]

The Coronavirus Pandemic has encouraged organisations to take employee health seriously

The Covid-19 crisis has caused organisations to take both the mental and physical health of their teams more seriously – both in and out of the workplace. Research has shown that 63% of UK business leaders have expressed that the pandemic has made them feel more responsible for their employee’s health and wellbeing. There’s been […]

We’re excited to have Dr. Ella Russel join The Whitehall Clinic Team!

At The Whitehall Clinic, we’re thrilled to announce that Dr. Ella Russell has joined our ever-growing team! Dr. Russell is a Private GP & Menopause Specialist. Training at The Universaity of Leeds, she has over 20 years’ experience in Practice, with excellent clinical knowledge in all medical areas. Dr. Russell’s main clinical interests are within […]

Welcoming Consultant Cardiologist, Dr. Haqeel Jamil!

The Whitehall Clinic is pleased to announce that Dr. Haqeel Jamil has joined our (ever) growing team of leading Consultants. Dr. Jamil is the clinical lead for our Health Screening & Cardiology Services. Along with preventing and diagnosing heart disease he also provides on-going management and monitoring of patients with pre-existing heart conditions from our […]

Has your organisation considered proactive swab testing for your team?

Nearly half of coronavirus spread may be traced to people without any symptoms Increasing evidence has shown that asymptomatic individuals can spread the virus efficiently and the emergence of these “silent spreaders” of SARS-CoV-2 has caused difficulties in the control of the pandemic. This evidence has shown that nearly 50% of people are asymptomatic and […]