Are we “Back to Normal” With the Coronavirus Pandemic?

We are a long way from being back to normal amid the coronavirus pandemic

Since businesses are beginning to discuss re-opening, we want to support your safe return to work. The lockdown, closed workplaces and schools have also had huge societal and psychological implications on everyone. We understand that your business, employees and clients will be cautious in opening their doors since the Coronavirus pandemic.

As doctors who have been fighting this pandemic, we know that we cannot allow standards to slip and change our individual and societal approach to the current pandemic, at least until there is a ‘proper’ cure or vaccine which could be months away. As businesses re-open, we know there is still a long way to in getting through this pandemic safely. As an employer, you have a duty of care to protect your members of staff from harm, including taking reasonable steps to protect your workforce from coronavirus.

Let’s clear up some of the myths that exist around SARS-CoV-2:

One – Covid-19 is much deadlier than influenza (the flu)

Research has shown that Covid-19 has a fatality rate roughly 50 – 100 times higher than influenza, meaning that, between 1 – 10 people in 100,000 people who get the flu will die, but between 500 – 1,000 in 100,000 people who get Covid-19 will pass away.

Two – Coronavirus is still being spread

While healthcare providers supported by researchers are learning new things daily about the coronavirus, one thing that has remained consistent is how it spreads. Airborne droplets are the main spreader.

We inform all of our patients at The Whitehall Clinic who have tested negatively for coronavirus and the antibodies, hence are susceptible to catching the virus to follow our “4 C Rule”:


Consider everyone, everything, every time as a source of contagion

Avoid closed spaces

Avoid crowded places

Avoid closed contact settings


If we all adopt this mantra and embed it as part of the return to work plan, organisations will have to still practice effective physical distancing, hand washing, wearing face masks and cleaning and disinfection regimes to ensure the safety of their employees.

The most important protection in the workplace is to stop those at high risk of transmitting the disease in coming into work. Most organisations should begin to adopt effective workforce monitoring, including daily temperature checks and symptom tracking, with a supportive partner to provide access to testing.

If organisations adopt the above practices, it will make it more challenging for the virus to be transmitted throughout the workplace. Adopting these principles can provide some hope for individuals and organisations that there is less likely for there to be a second wave, along with reducing the potential spread of other infections such as influenza and gastroenteritis, which are also leading causes of illness in the workplace. Implementing the above advice throughout your workforce will not only protect your employees, the community and company reputation, but also position your business for a smoother transition as you begin to return to work.

Covid-19 Corporate Testing

The Whitehall Clinic have been supporting organisations through providing Corporate Covid-19 Testing. Our tests are approved by Public Health England, MHRA and CE Marked. Testing is available in-clinic or on-site for organisations 7-days a week, with as little as 10-minute results turnaround times.

We’re able to identify those who have had previous infection through our blood antibody tests and those who are potentially infected currently through our antigen swab tests. Supporting your employees in their return to work means that you can reopen safely. For more information visit the link here or get in touch with us directly on 0113 833 4900.